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Account & financial Management System

A personal finance app is an app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet that helps you manage all aspects of your finances. These apps can help track your spending, saving, and investing. They can also track bill payments and keep you up to date on credit score changes.

Account & Financial Management System features for user:

  • Accounts Aggregation: With this feature, you can put together credit cards, debit cards, loans, and other types of accounts of a user. This data can be accumulated with a data stream known as Open Financial Exchange. The main purpose of this stream is to facilitate the exchange of information developed from Open Exchange File formats (developed by Intuit) and Open Financial Connectivity (Created by Microsoft).
  • Track Spending: This is one of the important features of a personal finance app. By using this, users can keep track of their real-time spending. For example- if a user needs to check their finances or transactions in two different accounts, then he/she can check them both in the app itself. In other words, your app should provide this feature to allow them to manage their finances under one roof.
  • Reminders: A personal finance app can have this feature to alert its users when they overspend or when they transfer or receive funds. Apart from this, it can also send reminders for any pending dues or payments such as mobile bill payments or recharge.
  • Setting Financial Goals: This feature can help people to set their financial goals (buy a house, buy a car, save for a trip, etc.) and make their spending accordingly.
  • Advice: You can add this feature to help users who want financial advice from experts. To help users get the right piece of advice, you can further categorize this feature based on different categories.
  • Sign Up/Sign In: To allow users to register on the app and then use it any time. You can add features like signing up using an email or social media profile. A personal finance app could also have a dashboard where users can see every activity or access various options.
  • Transaction History: To let the app users keep track of their transactions or spending. The feature can help them to manage money. Apart from this, the other features you can add to a personal finance app are interactive search, online currency conversion, user authorization, and more.