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Bicycle Share App

A bicycle-sharing system is a program in which anyone can hire a bike for a specified period and return it to a different station. It is a type of shared transportation service in which anyone can rent or borrow bicycles for a limited period. Many bike-share systems allow users to borrow a bike from one "dock" and return it to another within the same system. The computer unlocks a bike once the user provides payment information. In recent years, a growing number of cities throughout the world, including Dubai, New York, Paris, Montreal, and Barcelona, have begun to provide both mechanical and electric bicycle sharing programs. Smartphone mapping apps for many systems display nearby available bikes and open ports.

Bicycle Share App features for user :              

  • Simple Customer Account Login: This is the first thing that customers will see after downloading your app and so this page should be simple and attractive with a limited amount of text in it. The key here is to keep this part as clean as possible. Users should not have to spend time trying to figure out how to make an account. 
  • Login: Users need to sign up or create an account in your bike rental app. Allow authentication via email or social media accounts to make the process quicker.
  • QR Code Reader: Users unlock bikes by scanning QR codes in the dedicated app. Integrate a camera feature to make code scanning seamless.
  • A Clean Interface: This is not a feature per se, however, it will serve as a home screen for the customers once they have made their account. This is why it is crucial to get this right.
  • Effortless Ride-Booking Option: This is the main feature of your app and so, ride-booking should be extremely easy for the customers.
  • GPS and Geolocation: This is the most important part of any bike-sharing app as GPS helps users locate nearby bikes and prevents thefts as devices are integrated into the bikes themselves.
  • Chat Option To Directly Contact The Riders: Your app must have a chat option that customers can use to contact the riders directly once they make a booking. This will make the process of booking the rides smooth and will overall increase the credibility of your business.   
  • Notifications: Notifications are crucial in bike-sharing apps as they remind users about rental time. In the case of such apps, more time spent on the vehicle equals more money.
  • Seamless Online Paying Options: Depending on your location and your target audience, your app must have several payment options including Stripe, PayPal, payment with credit cards, and even BTC. After all, we live in the modern era, and carrying cash isn’t the way forward.
  • Best Deals And Discounts Section: Though not obligatory, we highly recommend that the e-bike app should have a dedicated page for the latest deals and discounts sections. This is a great way to gain more sales whilst keeping customers happy. 
  • Customer Feedback: There should be a dedicated section in your app for the customers to leave feedback on how their ride went. Furthermore, your app should also allow the customers to leave a rating for the rider they were with – it has already become an industry standard and a must-have feature.