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Car Rental App

The automotive car rental app market is growing all the time. By 2022, it is estimated that its growth will be seen virtually all over the world: including in emerging markets. The expansion of the markets identified above presents tremendous opportunities not only for the largest companies but also for those just starting. Automotive-related startups often have very interesting ideas for new features, business models, and special benefits for consumers. Car rental apps, taking into account also social trends: among others, moving away from the traditional ownership model to sharing economy is a factor of great opportunities for car rental businesses. A car rental app will help raise awareness of the business among customers.

Car Rental App : Features for user:

  • Easy Login: users must be able to conveniently create accounts and log in to them through social media platforms. The simpler this process is, the more willing they will be to use your services.
  • Maps and Location: if cars can be left anywhere in a designated area, users need to have access to information about what cars are nearby and how they can reach them. 
  • Search and Filters: Customers expect the car rental app search to be simple and allow them to apply different types of filters such as car class, body type, price, engine type, color, and so on.
  • Emergency Contact: if there is a collision or accident, or the car is damaged or stolen in any way, the user should have access to a quick contact to report it and get help.
  • Payments: to make the reservation process as convenient as possible for the customer, he should be able to use simple payment methods.
  • Reservation Management: the user must have access to the reservation panel. Car rental scheduling, cancellation, and fee estimation are something that must be included in every car rental app.
  • Notifications: if the user wishes then they should have access to notifications that inform them of promotions, upcoming rental end dates, or scheduled vehicle reservations. 
  • Real-Time Tracking: If you’re renting cars and assigning drivers, incorporating a GPS into your app is critical. Users and administrators can follow the live location of the automobile rental on the map using GPS. Users can update or share their current location with the admin and their relatives for security reasons.
  • Fare Calculator: A car rental app uses its algorithm to determine price depending on the vehicle picked and the length of time the customer needs it. Users can calculate their charge based on how many kilometers they need the car for.
  • Managing Bookings: All car rental app users can manage their bookings by confirming the time they want to utilize the automobile. This aids in preserving transparency and keeping track of future appointments.