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E-Laundry Service App

For those who prefer to do their laundry, e-laundry service is the best service side for them. With this app, wash your garments (using eco-friendly products), dry, fold, and neatly package your clothes so you don't have to lift a finger. Try to give always deliver the highest quality possible, keeping garments crisp and bright, by using eco-friendly technology to clean clothes. This process allows us to clean garments without using harsh detergents, resulting in heightened preservation of clothes, all while treating the environment with care. E-Landry also recycles all paper, plastic products, and hangers, and use energy-efficient equipment Also offer clothing alterations and garment repair services, repair shoes and boots, and can shine shoes to look better than ever.

E-Laundry Service: features for user:

  • Login/Registration- The user first signs up for the laundry app through popular social media accounts or email credentials. The subsequent login is through the signup name and password.
  • Profile Settings- The user now fills in some details required by the laundry service provider like address, contact number, and so on. The card details are also filled in for subsequent use.
  • Multiple Address Option- Through this, the customer will be able to add multiple addresses on the address page. They can choose any of the addresses when placing a request. This makes the ordering easy and fast.
  • Selection- This is the basis of any laundry mobile app development. The user is provided with many options for the laundry service. They have to select any local laundry shop. Next, they have to select the type of service required like the wash, iron, dry-clean, etc. Any further selection like the detergent to be used can be customized. The rates are written against the services.
  • The Laundry Service Description-This section is to know more about the services of the laundry shops so that the customer gets an idea about the service options provided by them.
  • Order- The customer places a request for the laundry pickup. The customer can schedule the time and date as per their convenience.
  • Payment- The on-demand laundry mobile app development integrates many payment gateways. Thus the customer will have varied payment options like the card, wallet, or cash on delivery.
  • Notes- The customer can type in any specification required at the time of placing the order. This special note will be taken care of by the laundry service provider.
  • Schedule Date and Time-The customer can schedule the pickup and delivery date and time as per his convenience.
  • Track Orders- The customer can track their request order from the time of pickup until the clothes get delivered back to them.
  • Push Notifications- The customer receives push notifications regarding the status of the order. They also receive messages regarding any offers, new launches, features, and promotions.
  • Favorites- The customers can add any of the listed laundry shops to their favorite list. They can order the laundry service from their favorite list.
  • Booked History- The customer can view all the previous orders through the booked history in the profile section. This will help them with subsequent repeat orders.
  • Ratings & Reviews-This is an important feature to be included during the laundry app development process. The addition of this feature enables the customer to review the laundry shops. The other users benefit from the ratings and reviews.
  • Feedback- This enables the customer to provide some suggestions and ideas that can help the laundry service providers to improve their services.
  • Automatic reminder- This feature included at the laundry mobile app development stage is for customer convenience. This automatic time reminder will inform the user about the pickup time so that he can keep the clothes ready for the laundry man to pick up.
  • Coupons and special offers- Discounts and offers are mentioned against the laundry services. The laundry service provider can offer discounts like free ironing if the clothes for wash exceed a limit and so on. These offers are basically for business promotion to retain customers and add new ones.
  • In-app Chat support- This is to support the customer when they get stuck at any point when using the app. They can chat online with the laundry service provider and resolve any queries with this chat feature.