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Event Management App

Event management software is the generic term for a wide range of software products that are used in the management of professional and academic conferences, trade exhibitions, conventions, and smaller events such as professional meetings. The most common event management applications are Event schedule planning, Customized event website creation, Online event registration, ticketing, and delegate management including online payment, Event budgeting, Lead retrieval, Venue selection, Event Marketing, Event Networking for attendee engagement, Exhibition management including floor planning, booking, and billing, On-site operations including registration, badges, and networking, etc.

Event Management App: features for user:

  • Website Builder: A great event deserves a great website.  You need to know “techie” and code. That’s where a simple, drag-and-drop website builder comes in handy for event planners.
  • Embeddable Widgets: Speaking of event websites, the best ones allow for embeddable widgets like registration forms, event community areas, speaker and sponsor lists, and more. These features make it easy to create a stunning event site that is also highly functional.
  • Email Marketing: To properly promote any event, email marketing is a must. 40% of marketers believe that email is the absolute best channel to promote an event. So as you can tell, your event management software must have email marketing capabilities. Or, at the very least, it should seamlessly integrate with a third-party email marketing software you trust.
  • Social Incentives: Before choosing an event management software, ensure that it has social incentive capabilities with Ticket Boost. Once an attendee registers, they have the option to share an event promo code with their social media followers. The more people they get to signup, the bigger ticket discount they receive. Simply put, this system turbocharges registrations!
  • White Label Branding: This will allow you to update your event marketing materials with your company’s logo and color scheme. When white-labeled correctly, your audience shouldn’t even be able to tell that you’re using third-party software to build your website, emails, app, etc.
  • Promo Codes: A smart event marketing tactic is to run ticket sales. The best way to do so is via promo codes. For example, you could run early-bird specials and give attendees a discount for registering months in advance. Or you could run seasonal promotions and offer a dip in price because of a specific holiday.
  • Attendee Engagement: Engagement is a bit of a buzzword lately — for good reason. If you want your event to be successful as possible, you need to engage your attendees on a deep level. A quality event management app can help.
  • Event App: We live in a mobile world. Most of your attendees probably spend more time on their phones than any other device. Take advantage by creating an event management app and include features like event-goer networking sections, one-on-one messaging, and social media integrations.