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Travel Guide App

The personal travel planner app is your audio guide to the world that lets you conveniently listen to a travel guide with interesting narratives from local guides that play automatically when you reach an interesting sight. Apps help to go you according to the directions. It's a turn-key destination guide that provides location-based info like maps, points of interest, audio/tour guides, quiz games, local weather, bookable tickets, and other web-based content.

Travel Guide App features for users:

  • Travel Itinerary Generator: An efficient itinerary generator only asks the user to mention the locations that they want to visit and automatically creates a travel plan from it. Apps users add existing tourist attractions or even add custom landmarks to generate their trip plans accordingly. Implementing such complex algorithms is not easy.
  • Geo-Tracking Services: A vital goal for hitting the gold mine in travel app development comes from the successful integration of GPS-based location services. After dropping at a certain destination the first thing that a tourist wants to check out is a hotel, cafe, or a nearby local attraction. Your travel app should get a GPS lock, track your location and quickly fetch results.
  • Whether or Climate Forecasting: A lot of tourists book their flights in haste not thinking about the ramifications that a climate change can bring on an unplanned journey. To prevent such calamities travel mobile app development companies should always integrate a real-time climate forecast. Just to alert the traveler of upcoming weather predictions, when they are creating their travel itinerary.
  • In-App Language Translator: In most cases, travelers are not too familiar with a regional language and suffer while trying to communicate in a broken manner. Apps like Google Translate and iTranslate let travelers scan texts for visual translation, and translate real-time voice data and written text as well. Travel app development companies should take this feature seriously if they want to stand out and offer a unique pitch for their app.
  • Currency Converter: Think from a tourist’s perspective. You are on a trip and need to exchange some currencies. To know the currency exchange rates you shouldn’t need to look beyond your travel app. Tracks all the current and past variations in currency rates, and integrate this feature into their travel app.
  • World Clock Time Converter: Crossing time zones can cause a lot of confusion for tourists, in the matter of tracking the exact changes in clock times. It is a simple feature for a travel app to have. As that can prevent a person from installing yet another. Travel app developers should take a page from the book of apps, that saves the users valuable time (pun intended) by calculating the correct clock times for different time zones across the world.
  • Location-Based Emergency Services: An emergency can come up irrespective of specific time and location. Every travel app development initiative should remember to include an emergency phone number and services (based on the current location) feed to make sure that travelers can access them whenever a need arises.
  • Uber-Like App Service Integration: Whether you need to travel from the airport to your hotel or perhaps to a certain tourist attraction, cab service is one of the most important parts of a trip. If you hire a travel app development company, then your product must come with this feature integrated within.
  • Social Dining: In many cases, travelers prefer an authentic experience to the same old living in a hotel. Dining in the chef’s house while listening to the tales of the land is much more fascinating than the same old restaurant dining. This new concept is gaining massive popularity and services are taking it to a new level. If you are developing a travel app, you must try to leverage this feature
  • Messaging Service: A major part of travel app development lies in social media integration. Real-time social feeds like Twitter and Facebook let tourists interact with their friends and follow by sharing snapshots, and experiences and also letting them know where they are.
  • Trip Reviews from Other Travelers: The whole reason that made apps like TripAdvisor gain a viral fan following was that of its review system. Tourists should be able to review a place and share their experiences with other tourists. This will help create awareness and also help better the services of hotels, cafes, and other businesses. Rather than making people download other apps, travel app developers should just add these features to their products.